Top Automation Programming Languages of 2021


  • It follows the shift-left testing approach where even developers play an active part in the testing code development process. Here, the testing team works closely with the development team to implement efficient test automation.
  • JavaScript and Selenium are used together by developers for creating test scenarios for automated browser testing. In this context, pCloudy’s remote Selenium Grid is perfect to use without any source-code change requirement.
  • There are various testing frameworks for JavaScript for unit testing and end-to-end testing like Zest, Mocha, Jasmine, Nightwatch JS, etc.
  • Python has a several libraries that help developers perform any function without putting many efforts in writing the code
  • It has a strong Python Community
  • It is object-oriented
  • Python is comparatively portable and easy to learn automation programming language, making it the best choice for the beginners
  • Selenium-Appium Libraries for Python make automation and cross-browser testing on mobile and desktop easier. The most popular Python Testing Frameworks are PyTest and PyUnit used in Selenium Automation Testing for Cross-Browser Automation Testing.
  • It provides its users with built-in open-source libraries, a powerful command line, easy integration, IDE Support, etc.
  • It is an Object-Oriented Language that works on Write Once Run Anywhere principle, bringing flexibility in many cross-browser platforms.
  • Allows easy integration of JUnit with Selenium Webdriver to automate tests for web applications.
  • It also provides short test cases to the software developers.
  • It is an Object-Oriented and structured programming language
  • It is mostly used on Windows. Also suited for Android, iOS platforms
  • C-Sharp is a Microsoft company that works on .Net Framework
  • Uses Page-Object Model (POM) to create efficient and maintainable test code.
  • PHP is flexible and easily linkable with HTML /HTML5
  • Provides great error handling features
  • It is a platform-independent language
  • Good Community Support System.
  • It is an Object-Oriented and back-end scripting programming language
  • It is a human-friendly, simple-to-learn language supporting MVC Architecture and enabling automated deployment


  • Helps to test distinct browsers, devices, and operating systems
  • Provides in-built, real-time reports showing the auto-generated screenshots pass/fail status of the test.
  • Super-fast automation
  • Allows to run multiple tests parallely
  • It is easy to understand, has human-readable steps.
  • Easy to learn with little knowledge of basic programming skills
  • It is case insensitive language
  • VBScripts is an interpreter and not a compiler (like C++, Java, etc.). It is sometimes also called a line-by-line compiler.




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