Top 8 Strategies for Successful Cross Browser Testing

Choose the right set of devices and browsers

Choose the best UI Test Frameworks

UI Test framework for Web Applications

UI Test frameworks for Mobile Applications

Make use of Automation and Parallel Testing

The benefits of testing on Cloud over On-premise testing

  • Extremely customizable to suit an organization’s dynamic requirements
  • Support multiple frameworks
  • Allows to run test cases on multiple environments
  • Allows to run parallel test cases and is highly scalable
  • Supports futuristic technologies like AI and machine learning
  • Supports high-end technologies like continuous testing, continuous integration, agile development, and DevOps
  • Consists of a high number of device browser combinations to facilitate cross-browser compatibility with all the devices available in the target market
  • Is a security complaint to your business

Choose a testing platform that is highly scalable

Be Flexible and Allow Customization

Make use of AI-powered testing tools

Meet the security requirements of the business




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