The Importance of Parallel Testing in Selenium

Understanding the Concept

  • It accelerates the test execution across different versions
  • Saves time at a greater level when testing at a larger scale
  • Increases test coverage by allowing testers to test across devices, OS, and browser combinations all-at-once
  • Helps remove testing hurdles
  • Acts as an early-bug-fixer

Parallel Testing in Selenium

Parallel Testing using TestNG and Selenium

Why do we need Parallel Testing in Selenium?

When to use parallel testing in Selenium?

  • When the old and the updated version of the app is similar with minimal chances of uncertainty in their functionalities
  • Parallel testing can be used for homogeneous apps to figure out newer or older versions of the two, especially concerning financial applications.
  • When there is a case of a company’s transition from older to a newer system, utilizing it in importing legacy data transfers
  • Last but not the least. When an app needs to be tested across multiple browsers, Operating Systems, and devices during the automated browser testing.




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