Testing fragmentation and the Need for Cross browser compatibility testing

Cross browser Compatibility

What is Fragmentation?

So what do we do?

Why is Cross Browser Compatibility an issue?

  • Adobe’s Opt-out cookie retention did not work as Apple’s ITP system did not allow it to retain any information. Apple resolved this issue by removing that cookie to allow user tracking.
  • Bootstrap- the developer’s savior, created a wall of pending browser errors in major browsers so that they can deliver a quality web experience to their users. It was created to bring vendors’ attention to know which issues are causing Bootstrap problems so that the former can expedite the bug fixing process.
  • In the year 2019, Chrome released an update and suspended the browser. This move impacted most people and employees who used Chrome for accessing the internet for work. They could not access the internet for the entire day, and all they could see was a blank screen.
  • Different CSS rules on each browser,
  • Outdated browsers not having the Doctype in HTML files to identify their version
  • Incompatibility with element styling,
  • Obsolete browser detection
  • Issues with the layout
  • Issues with the browser libraries, frameworks, etc.
  • Your business will have to identify the most productive combinations consisting of browsers that are relevant to your business and audience, cover the maximum market, and cover those that are constantly updated
  • Analyze and be aware of the most common issues and features that cause most of the problems. and also identify the browsers or devices on which they malfunction.
  • Have a robust delivery pipeline that will allow developers and the QA team to strengthen the testing fragmentation by continuously testing and debugging each unit, code build, and user flow of the website for all the relevant browsers and devices.




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