Test on the Latest iPhone 14 Series now available on pCloudy — pCloudy

We are so excited to be announcing that we have procured the latest Apple devices in the market. That’s right you heard it right, you can now test your iOS apps on the latest Apple devices — iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. pCloudy users from all over the world can now test their mobile and web apps on the latest iPhone 14 series to ensure a seamless experience for all the iPhone users. We are proud to announce that we were able to make these devices available to our users from Day 1.

We have always been determined to help our customers gain access to a wide range of devices to diversify their testing experience and ensure quality app releases. We are committed to adding the latest devices on the platform to ensure that our customers have access to a wide range of devices to test their mobile and web apps.

Now with the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14Pro on our device cloud, you can be sure that pCloudy has the latest and most diverse set of devices to test on. Make the best use of the most diverse continuous testing cloud in the world. Start testing on the Apple iPhone 14 series today!

Originally published at https://www.pcloudy.com.



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