Summary of Device Coverage Report 2021

Importance of omni-channel communication and devices

  • Voice Assistant Speakers,
  • Smart Watches,
  • Augmented/virtual reality

Challenges of App Testing

Device Fragmentation

OS Fragmentation

Mobile/Tablets and Web Apps

Choosing the Right Testing Platform

  • Device Fragmentation — Does the Testing platform have the devices that you are looking for to fulfill your market reach.
  • Availability of devices — How easily can you access the devices that are present on the platform?
  • - Does the platform integrate with your build systems/Dev IDEs or continuous integration systems?
  • Automation — Does the platform let you automate your tests? Does the platform support the automation tools or frameworks that you use?
  • Types of Testing — What are the different types of testing you require? Will the platform be able to perform the functional testing aspects that you are looking for?
  • Security — Can your app be uploaded on an external cloud or does it need to be testing within an internal server? Does the platform support testing on a Private server?

pCloudy Device Coverage

Key Takeaways



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