Start testing Web Applications in pCloudy

Today websites are a primary source of branding and communication for businesses across various verticals around the world. The website has the power to attract, hold and convert a visitor into a customer and on the contrary it might even cause a customer to leave. These factors cause the brands to focus on website testing which ensures a higher sustainability for your websites. Website testing fundamentally strengthens your website enabling impactful first impression, a stable and responsive user interface, faster and seamless navigation, capability to hold unpredictable user load, a multiplatform support website and much more.

Considering the customer’s demands and market requirements, pCloudy has finally come up and all set to launch a brand new feature called browser cloud. The browser cloud allows access to all the real time laptops for performing website application testing. pCloudy’s browser cloud enables you to perform testing at a high speed without compromising on the quality. It will ensure a stable and responsive user interface and a multiplatform support website. The word multi platform support is associated with a gamut of variations of operating systems, its versions, browsers and its versions and devices and its versions. So testing a website until it covers all the os, browser and device versions requires great effort and time. But with pCloudy’s browser cloud which consists of multiple combinations of OS, browsers and devices, makes it very easy and convenient to perform cross browser compatibility testing.

As the browser cloud is cloud based platform which is ideal for parallel testing , you can perform testing of a website on various real time devices simultaneously which increases the speed of testing by multiple folds. The other advantage of cloud based website testing platform is that it is highly scalable, which will facilitate the user to add or remove the number of devices as per the requirement which is very cost efficient. These are some of the basic features which makes pCloudy an apt platform for testing high performing website testing platform. Apart from this you can adjust the screen resolution of your web application for better testing experience, take screenshots, you can use the devices based on location for faster and accurate testing results.


Website testing is very important to stand the highly competitive and dynamic web app market.It enhances its performance and lays a foundation for a sustainable future. To maintain a stable website with high customer satisfaction all you need is to focus on proper website testing which is achievable by pCloudy’s browser cloud.

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