Headless Browser — A Stepping Stone Towards Developing Smarter Web Applications

What is a Headless Browser ?

The Need for a Headless Browser

Enables faster web testing using Command Line Interface

Scraping websites

Taking web screenshots

Mapping user journey across the websites

Diving into Headless Chrome and Chrome DevTools

What is Headless Chrome

  • The ability to test the latest web platform features like ES6 modules, service worker and streams
  • Enables to programmatically tap into the chrome devtools and makes use of the awesome features like network throttling, device emulating, website performance analysis etc.
  • Test multiple levels of navigation
  • Gather page information
  • Take screenshots
  • Create PDFs

Starting headless

The — headless flag starts the chrome in headless mode

Printing the DOM

Create a PDF

Taking screenshots

Debugging a code without the browser UI

What is Chrome DevTool ?


The following code snippet will help you to install nodejs

Why is puppeteer so useful ?

  • It can help generate screenshots and pdfs of pages
  • Crawl a single page application and generate pre-rendered content
  • Automate form submission, UI testing, end to end testing, smoke testing, keyboard input etc
  • Creates an up-to-date, automated testing environment. Run your tests directly in the latest version of Chrome using the latest JavaScript and browser features.
  • Captures a timeline trace of your site and analyses performance issues.
  • It can test Chrome Extensions.
  • Allows performing web scraping




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