Consumer Experience and its importance in App Testing

Growing up in the twentieth century, I’m sure we have all witnessed our parents and grandparents taking us to do the daily chores. Be it going to the same barber to cut our hair, or going to the same tailor to stitch our clothes, or the same grocery store that they have been going to for ages. This is mostly because of the close relationship that was built over the years between the consumer and the vendors, where loyalty and quality were prioritized more than ever. However, with the rise of the information age and digitalization, shops and vendors have been upgrading their services to serve a larger group of consumers and extend their reach from small localities to wider geographies, and also competing with the global eCommerce firms that are trying to capture a majority of the market share.

With so many brands, competitors, and vendors taking the online route, how does one stand out in the marketplace? By keeping an eye out on online ratings, reviews, and consumer experience. In the world of digitalization, many consumers are starting to depend on reviews posted by other consumers, the ratings that businesses receive, and experiences shared by others about the business or product. While these three aspects play a crucial role in the digital transformation of businesses, we will specifically focus on factors of App Testing to improve the Consumer Experience.

But before we get to the crux of the subject we need to understand what exactly Consumer Experience (CX) means?

What is Consumer Experience?

Consumer Experience and the App industry

Where do we start?

  • Hearing the Consumer
  • Mapping Customer Journey
  • Digital Testing
  • Consumer experience testing

Hearing the Customer

Mapping the customer journey

The customer journey mapping exercise will provide us information about the different stages, the anticipated feeling of the customer, the touchpoints they will use at various stages, etc. The customer journey map will help us gain a holistic understanding of not just the physical needs, but also gives us insights into the emotions that one might experience at different stages. This would enable us to think, feel and put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to curate a holistic solution that is genuine and empathetic.

Digital Testing

And of course, performing these tests manually could take forever. However, leveraging various automation techniques to fasten the testing would ensure timely updates and improvements to the system. Which in turn will ensure that customers get the best experience possible. Testing future technologies is also a key aspect in staying ahead of the game to provide the best consumer experience. Testing wearables, smart speakers, and other devices that support IoT will not only broaden the ecosystem of devices but also increase the ease of access, and reliability.

Consumer Experience Testing


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