Chromium vs. Chrome — What’s the Difference?


Google Chrome vs. Chromium

What is Chromium browser?

How to download Chromium?

  • Since Chromium is a free platform, most people benefit from it, especially advanced users and web developers. Most users like that Chromium does not track the browsing history or share information with Google about the user browsing behavior.
  • There are no restrictions on adding different types of browser extensions.
  • Chromium is frequently updated than Chrome, which is a good thing to note, but all those updates have to be downloaded and installed manually.
  • Unlike Chrome, it does not receive automatic updates. Chromium Project Website releases the most recent updates on Chromium.
  • Also, to play media on Chromium, you need certain licensed media codecs like AAC, H.264, and MP3, which Chromium does not support. This implies, if you want to use video streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube, you will have to install these codecs manually, or you will have to switch to Chrome to use these apps.
  • Chrome and Chromium have a security Sandbox mode, which is disabled in Chromium, by default.
  • Chromium does not have an inbuilt support system for Flash because Flash is not open-source. And ofcourse, Adobe Flash is not used commonly anymore, but some websites still need it to function properly. If you want an Adobe Flash player in the Chromium browser, you will have to add/write the requisite code for it.

What is Chrome?

How to download Chrome?

  • Chrome is a stable and easy-to-use web browser, preferred by most users.
  • It has a Security Sandbox mode by default, which provides safe browsing, automatic crash reports and updates.
  • It supports media codecs like MP3, H.264, and AAC
  • It supports Adobe Flash Player
  • Chrome tracks the browsing history of its users, which is not preferred by many users. However, the user can utilize the incognito browsing feature available on Chrome, if he wishes that the browser remove his browsing information towards the end of the online session.




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