5 Best Python Frameworks For Test Automation In 2020

  • Opensource
  • Platform independent
  • No need to learn a programming language to write Robot Framework test cases
  • Automatic report generation after executing each built
  • Supports behavior-driven, data-driven and keyword-driven approaches
  • Easy installation
  • Not enough support for parallel testing
  • It’s difficult to create customized HTML reports
  • Quick defect detection
  • Easy to write test cases
  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • Command-line support
  • Supports all major plugins
  • Cross-browser tests can be automated
  • Supports Fixtures and Classes that help in creating common test objects available throughout a module
  • It allows the use of multiple fixtures
  • It does not require a debugger
  • Xdist and other plugins support makes parallel execution easier
  • It supports parameterization, which is essential while executing the same test with different
  • configurations using a simple marker
  • Large community support
  • No need for high-level python knowledge for test execution
  • Extensive report generation
  • Pyunit comes with Python package, no need to install any additional module
  • Simple and flexible test case execution
  • Requires boilerplate code
  • Pyunit is derived from Junit and so it still uses camelCase naming instead of snake_case naming method
  • It supports abstraction so the code intent sometimes becomes unclear
  • Easy execution of all kind of test cases and easy coordination
  • Better clarity on the developers and testers output as the format of the spec is similar
  • Domain vocabulary that keeps the behavior consistent in the organization and the system behavior is expressed in a semi-formal language
  • Detailed reasoning and thinking promotes better product specs



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